Is it really Tuesday already?  Hope you're all having an excellent week. 
I'm craving for inspiration so I'm posting here images of a place I  have never been to yet.  
Great source for those who are craving for a rustic dream house.  Or traveling.
Dream lavender. Vineyards. Cafe's.

A view of Four Seasons resort in Provence. A dip.

Stop for brunch


Do you recognize this street?  It's from the same setting made famous by the film, A Good Year
by Ridley Scott based on the book by Peter Mayle.


I'm not sure if it had the same effect on you.  Staring at these pictures relaxes me.
I'll probably choose one image and I'll post it on my office cubicle partition.

Bonne journée!

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  2. I like this post. Lavender/purple is my fav color at the moment. Everything that's colored purple hypnotizes me :)

  3. @Design Gourmande : I just dropped by at your Travel Gourmande site. You're travel stories & pictures 'kinda transfroms me to those places.... great job!

  4. @ Uhooi: Thanks for visiting. :)
    @ SyncToGlow: Many thanks. I can relate to that..lavender is hypnotic indeed and thanks for dropping by Travel Gourmande.