Arbitrage Film

Arbitrage is a suspense thriller directed by Nicholas Jarecki, about a billionaire and hedge fund tycoon, Robert Miller played by Richard Gere who tries to sell a large portion of his firm to cover crooked accounting, as a result of bad deals.   The movie is narrated through Robert Miller's point of view as he struggles with a shaky merger relying heavily on the  reputation of his family run business with implications on his wife, Ellen (Susan Sarandon) and daughter, Brooke (Brit Marling) as his chief financial officer.  Miller's sheer confidence, calm  and collected persona conceals the desperation  underneath,  as he arrogantly gains control over unforeseen events that would explode into a catastrophic loss of everything he has extremely worked hard to build.   The story challenges one's moral grounds and how love, loyalty and family are outweighed by one's priorities.

Richard Gere's portrayal of Robert Miller was fascinating to watch while my perfectionist idealism hated his guts throughout the film.   I finished the movie till the end nevertheless and I was distracted by the beautiful interior of his family home.  After digging further, the film was apparently shot in the 20,000 square foot townhouse of the director's father, Dr. Henry Jarecki in Gramercy Park, New York City.

The towering 28 feet Swarovski Crystal Palace Cascade chandelier designed by Vincent Van Duysen was  a show stopper in one scene.

I was too focused watching the background and the interior elements in the film that allowed me to let go of the risky decisions Robert Miller made throughout the story. I'm rating it 3 out of 5.

For those of you who have seen it, what did you think?
Do you think you'd be interested to watch it?

Happy Saturday!



  1. I haven't seen the movie, but I sure do like that chandelier!

  2. This chandelier is pretty memorable to me. My old day job was selling chandeliers like this and I sold one to a rich investor for his apartment in Paris. :) I knew the parts, inside and out of this particular piece and I love it. It is a brilliant design indeed.