Light & Bare Windows

I love the way light radiates through bare windows.

I've been playing around the house with the camera and an existing tray from THE One.  I placed candles of different heights and the orchid on it above the ottoman.   It's nice to be able to move around existing accessories for a fresh look every now and then.   After many years, I have gotten used to leaving the windows uncovered and bare.  

There's always something about combining stained louvers and clear glass panels on white washed walls that catches my attention  I love the way the light streams through inside this cafe.

Wonderfully angled wooden framed glass panels  inside a modern chapel facing the forest.

Will you be comfortable leaving the glass bare without a window treatment? 




  1. I love natural light and having large bare windows and brown wood floors and white wood's just such a beautiful look. And I'm definitely comfortable leaving the glass bare but I guess it depends on where you live :)

  2. what a delightful post on such a dark and rainy day

  3. I always prefer bare windows because it allows the sun to shine through a little better.
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  4. Hi Vanisha, brown wood floors, white wood walls and large bare windows and a lot of natural light does look stunning. A great material scheme to work with and perfect canvas for incorporating furniture. The apartment we're staying in is completely open from one side and the first week after moving in, we didn't have curtains on. I felt naked but have started to enjoy the transparency immediately. Now we barely use the curtains. I just have to make sure I'm wearing something decent most of the time. :)

    Hello Elle, please send us some rain. We'll be happy to trade. I love sunshine but it only rains here thrice in a year. :)

    Thanks Bonnie for visiting and welcome to design gourmande. I stopped by your blog earlier to say hello.