Artist Feature: Makee

Artist Feature is a segment in Design Gourmande to celebrate creativity by engaging in a conversation with an artist about their work, source of inspiration and what fascinates them.  

I was flabbergasted when I first saw my talented and creative cousin, Makee de Rivera's miniature art of a french bakery-la boulangerie.  Since then I have been following her weekend project posts and I'm delighted to see them every time.  I thought of sharing her works with you. 

What got you into this?  When did you start making miniature?

"I started doing it way back during college days of dentistry.  I need to work with my hands to keep me from getting bored.  Now that I'm working, it became my stress reliever."

The process:  

Creating the sculpture, engraving and painting.

The Actual Scale

Amazing, isn't it?
Creating miniature pieces must be so much fun!


Photo Credit: Makee de Rivera



  1. She's really good! I can't believe the detail on things so small!

  2. Hi Sherry.. now I remember, it makes me smile to think when we were kids playing barbie dolls, she took charge of making the food and other items within the house out of play doh and any material she could get her hands on. :)