Artist Feature: Palak

Artist Feature is a segment in Design Gourmande to celebrate creativity by engaging in a conversation with an artist about their work, source of inspiration and what fascinates them.  This month, I'm honored to have  Palak Bhati as our featured artist.

What motivated you to pursue Fashion Design, Painting and the Arts?

"Well from a very young age, a lot of mundane things around life used to inspire and excite me.  Like an old wall with texture of green moss, colors of the sky or even an animal behavior.  I would say, the zeal to highlight the beauty around and give it a definition is what really motivated me to choose the world of Design and Art."

Which type of subjects inspire and fascinate you?

"Subjects that have co-relation to human lifestyle generally make me think, but also subjects of natural phenomena, left out space and mundane life fascinate me."

Tell us more about your Nine Planets Masterpiece/ Series.  

"Well, the collection is about creating textures that represent the planets.  Not scientific but more mood driven.  My point was to make the collection have more textures, but still look beautiful in an unapproachable way.  To be able to give textures of roughness with a blend of crusty crystals.  I have used oils, with sand and crystals mostly. "

Define your creative style.

"My style is definitive.  Its simple subjects and simple approach but end result have to be unpredictable and unique."

What is your day job like and what do you most love about it? 

"I'm currently working as a design consultant at Swarovski. I mostly help creative designers go the extra mile.  What I love about my job is that every day is a new challenge, a new requirement and a new solution."

Thanks Palak for the interview.
We have used the NINE Planet Collection in the office project I have completed last August.