A Baby Shower

We threw a Parisian themed baby shower for a dear friend, Shela last weekend. The party preparations started several weeks prior to the event.  The mother-to-be  has a gift for graphic design, so imagine her enthusiasm when she went hands-on in designing water bottle labels, onesie banners, blog site, gift box logos, save the dates and  invites for the party. She has an eye for small details. I, on the other hand, had a great time getting all the stuff together, buying decorations and transforming a 2-bedroom apartment into a baby shower suite for the weekend with the help of friends and family.

We also had a hilarious yet stressful (at the time) morning with all the baking in the kitchen with Wrap and May--family of the mother-to-be and was touched by the other relatives and friends who helped out preparing sandwiches and setting up the refreshments and crepe station.

Pink Lemonade and water bottles for the event
The Menu :  An event is not complete without food of course.  

The sweets definitely have to make an appearance.   
We baked the chocolate chip cookies ourselves several days before.  

 We set up a crepe and waffle station so anyone can freely create their own.  

Mini Eiffel Towers popped in throughout the apartment.  We also managed to arrange a 6' version as well. 
These intricately designed cupcakes were made by Fadge Cakes.  I don't usually eat cakes but they were yummy goodness. I even requested for extras. Do check out Fadge Cakes Blog
Cupcakes by Fadgecakes,  Macarons and Chocolate Mallows
More food ,  Gigantic Eiffel Tower 6' Tall, DragĂ©es  from Paris for party favors

The Games :  The prizes consist of Chanel Cosmetics inside these boxes.
With that, the guests had great fun playing baby shower games.

Pin the Bottle on the Baby:   Blindfolded, the closest one to the baby's mouth wins.  (I won this one -lol)
Pin the Baby Bottle
Ice Ice Baby:  Frozen babies inside iced clear glasses with the baby's name initials. Guests need to guess which baby will float first.

Other games were:  Baby Bingo , Memory and Guessing Games.   To keep the guests occupied, we set up a wishing tree where the guests hung their written advice and wishes for the baby in a designed card.

Gifts under the wishing tree
While the rest were preoccupied playing games, the other guests had fun disguising themselves and playing around.  We set up the second bedroom as a Photo booth.  The mother-to-be, Shela and her husband, Lito are professional photographers.  Check out more photos at Capturrefic

Crazy enough, by the end of the day, we monopolized the photo booth. Here's the proof..

Happy Wednesday eveyone!

 Photo Credit:  Lito Flestado



  1. This is going to be an incredible babyshower <3


  2. That looks fabulous! I love the sweets! Can I crash the party?

  3. This came out super cute ! My niece turns 3 next month and I want to throw her a Marie Antoinette Theme party : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  4. Oh wow! that looks amazing, hope my friends throw me something like this when I get pregnant, its all so pretty!
    Daisy Dayz

  5. Nice babyshower party. May I know where did you buy the jar for juice? thanks

  6. It's a glass drink dispenser jar (large) from Pottery Barn