Kitchen-Dining Room

There are several decisions to be made when planning the dining space.  Should it be private or open to the living area?  How many seating is required?  What happens when more guests arrive beyond the seating capacity?   Should it be incorporated within a kitchen? Or should it be held separately on its own adjacent to it?

What I love about dining spaces are its ability to engage dinner guests, its flexibility to expand when the need arise and  its functionality to be used on a daily basis.  This is a dining room  designed by  YLab Arquitectos based in Spain for an Apartment in the Gothic Quarter Renovation Project in Barcelona.   I've been drawn by this company for quite a while when I saw their Loft Project during one of my design research.

The designers' goal was to create a peaceful environment allowing privacy for young owners to work in and socialize.  The kitchen-dining  room is easily linked to the living room, with  its sliding doors.  The tinted pine wood slat paneling on the wall and ceiling  envelopes the room into a spacious and clean space. The pendant lamps are finished with gold leaf and Swarovski crystals creating an interesting glow when illuminated.

Both kitchen counter and dining table finishes are in bronze metal panels.  If you notice there is a large lid that allows the whole counter top to be covered- perfect as a buffet table when entertaining.  The coffee/ chocolate feel of this room is definitely appetite -stimulating.  What do you think?


Images via: Plusmood
Photographers:  Jordi Canosa & Daniela Castevany



  1. Simple lines appeal to me, and this kitchen is brilliant.

    I'm not much for modern, but your design posts are giving me a new appreciation for it.

  2. not my style but I love the colors in the layout

  3. I like the look - very clean and contemporary.

  4. I'm definitely about a kitchen and dinning area that is linked and allows interaction, especially if you're still cooking etc. I wouldn't want to be isolated from my guests...

  5. Thanks Tina, Elle, Sherry and Vanisha, hope you all are having a beautiful weekend!

    @ Vanisha: You're absolutely right, I held a lunch with friends at my place this weekend and some guests arrived early. I had to run back and forth from dining to kitchen. This is something I would need to consider in our future house.