Home Box Opens in Dubai

Home Box opened in Dubai last Wednesday. It is a low-priced one-stop contemporary furnishing and home ware store from the Landmark Group.  It is presently located at Level 2 of Oasis Centre along Sheikh Zayed Road. Check out more images..

New items
Home accessories
Impressed by the good merchandise that I'm sure expats would love
I'm tempted t to grab a cart and start buying
Interesting Table lamp finds at AED 79
Table lamp with white shade and ash wood base at AED 49
A quick stop here would be an ideal way to spend an afternoon this weekend.
Love & light,



  1. nice Photographs, dubai has so much to offer, and its so vibrant some thing or the other is opening up every day. Home Box is a nice place ..just loved it . Keep going Thanks for the post

  2. Very informative post regarding things to do in Dubai !! you would never believe this has saved a lot of my time. I loved all your Blogs. Keep it Going.