Sneak Peek: Decorating a Love Nest

A labor of love. I'm helping out dear friends, a newly wed couple decorate their honeymoon nest in Business Bay. This weekend was spent furniture shopping, paint and curtain purchasing and selecting materials for their new one bedroom home. Keeping the budget in mind, we hunted bargains at Dragon Mart and IKEA while taking advantage of the Dubai Shopping Festival sales.

Believe me, I did not notice the time, I got so carried away by the fun of it all that I briefly forgot I was pregnant while meandering through the maze-like  shops of Dragon Mart.

My ulterior motive for offering them a free service is to practice my craft and reconnecting with my love for home design. 

Happy decorating and a lovely weekend to you all!
Love and light,




  1. great post :)
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    If yes, let me know when you follow me & i´ll follow back :)

    Greetings <3

  2. there's nothing I enjoy more than doing these decoration and design projects :)

  3. I bet it will look terrific when you're done!

  4. l love decorating but it just costs a lot.

  5. You have chosen the most beautiful and tasteful colours and fabrics!

  6. Hi Arni,
    This is Tasha. I loved your blog---its design, colours and the topics you write on. I especially loved your to do lists and the spiritual depth that comes across your writing. I enjoyed browsing through on a lazy thursday noon :)

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