Organize: Makeup

I finally got around to organizing the clutter of makeup on my bathroom counter.  Using Godmorgon Box from IKEA, USD $18, it helped solve my problem immediately. Ideally, I should have a drawer to keep this acrylic organizer in,  but that's probably my next project.

I followed some simple tips from makeup artist friends how to organize.
  • Evaluate  - Throw away expired makeup.  Toss the ones you haven't worn for the last 8 months. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria that could lead to skin breakouts and eye infection.
  • Segregate- Categorize  and group together lipstick, eye palette.  Ensure those you use everyday are easily accessible.  
  • Wash -      With a mild shampoo, wash all the brushes in lukewarm water and allow them to dry overnight.
  • Clean-         Clean the insides of your drawer and change the liner before placing organizer trays. You can use clear glass or beakers to hold your brushes or pencil holders, if you don't have enough space in your drawer.
  • Store -           Ensure they're kept in a dry and cool place.
  • Maintain -     I'll try  my utmost to put them back where I get them from.

Personally, I find it a lot easier if I keep the storage transparent as possible.  There are transparent boxes with lids available in craft shops, if you prefer stacking them up. In this way, I could easily find what I'm looking for. It saves time and stress especially on a busy morning.  

Happy organizing!



  1. Wow! What a great way to organize your makeup! I bet it's going to be real easy for you to find everything now.

  2. It's now great to see the bathroom counter clutter free in the morning. :)

  3. I have to have everything where I can see it otherwise I will forget I own it

  4. totally agree Elle. I don't own a lot of make up and yet transparency helps a lot. I can imagine how essential it is for makeup experts like yourself having a lot of color palette.

  5. I agree, the transparent organizers are the best. Though I'm actually working towards throwing out a lot of my make-up and focusing more on skincare...but putting things back where you got them from is definitely a rule I try to use generally around the house!

  6. I really admire your discipline, Vanisha,(I think I might have mentioned that to you before) from setting your goals to organizing. Small and simple actions like putting stuff back lead to big things.

  7. I've been meaning to do this. My own drawer is a crazy mess.

  8. Several weeks before we left for vacation, every time I would see the clutter I kept thinking, " I should fix that." The same thing happened by the time I got home with all the luggage mess. It's a relief to see the counter in order (for now).

  9. thank you for sharing this tip. I also need to keep things where I can see them otherwise I will not use them. That happens a lot with my clothes. I actually avoid storing my clothes inside drawers just so I won't forget about them.
    I recently stored my nail polish in a clear jar and I just realized that I have been doing my nails more often :)
    Abi K

  10. Hi Abi, I agree with you. I have this bad habit of not removing the new clothes from their paper bag and I tend to forget about them.