Bath Tub Takes Center Stage

I like the idea of bath tubs situated at the center of the room.  I remember my first year in an Interior Design course one summer.  We were designing a master bath and I placed my bathtub at the corner.  My architect teacher stared down at my work and said, "Stop designing like an architect!  Forget the plumbing.  Design like an interior designer."  She's right.  Since then, my world opened up to being more flamboyant and more experimental.  Every time I see a bath tub at the center of the room, I think about my teacher.  (Is that weird?) 

Whether it's traditional or contemporary, it allows great circulation around the tub set next to an open shower area or a dry space.

The classic lines of this elegant tub should not be put in a corner and deserves all the attention it so desires.  Orient the bath facing a great garden view.

Who's up for a bubble bath after a long week?
Happy Thursday!

Image Sources: Architectural Digest and Elle Decor



  1. I love to make my own bath bombs and take a long bath every now and then

  2. It looks like it would be so relaxing in that tub!

  3. Hi Elle, I'm now going to check your blog for those bath bombs. :)

    Hi Sherry, Hope you're having a great weekend. The chocolate party is today right? A long bath is well deserved by the end of an active weekend.

  4. I'm definitely all for bath tubs at the center of the room or in an area that draws attention and focus. I cannot wait to design our home, so much to look forward to! I can play the interior designer and I'll leave the specifics of it all to Patrick!

  5. I'm so excited for you Vanisha, Designing your own home is an incredibly fun and wonderful experience. I can just imagine, your home having the most amazing view.

  6. Confession: I sometimes wish I had gone to interior design school. Or that I could rescue old houses for a living.

  7. Go for it, I think you'll enjoy it very much. Restoring beautiful old houses and giving them a fresh look is a fascinating endeavor.

  8. This is really great, no doubt those tub would be one of the favorite place to stay on, and in even longer time.

  9. Thanks Becca for visiting! Welcome to Design Gourmande.