A Gourmande in Auvergne

A creperie, a brasserie or a restaurant with the blackboard menu always capture a gourmande's attention.  If you find yourself stopping to check the dish of the day, then you are a certified gourmand(e) .    A sneak peak of a medieval town in the Auvergne region of France.

Auvergne region is one of France's hidden treasures.  This undiscovered and unspoilt mountainous region is filled with astonishing landscapes, volcanic ranges and medieval towns.  Known for its wonderful ski slopes during winter and world famous cheeses.

An Auvergne cheese board with local wine is definitely on a gourmand(e)'s gastronomic wish list.

Hanging out with the Cows responsible for these cheeses.
Happy Monday!




  1. I remember seeing places like that in France. So much charm!

  2. That's something I'm going to miss when I return to the desert. The charming cafes at every corner and the greenery.

  3. I believe you, this definitely looks like a hidden gem! I always find myself glancing at menus of quaint little cafes...I can't wait for it to get warmer here so I can enjoy some decent al fresco dining!

  4. Hi Elle and Hi Vanisha, wishing you both a wonderful weekend.