La Tarte Aux Myrtilles

What are your plans this coming weekend?  This week had been an accumulation of a lot of ''firsts''.  Hence, I have been absent from the blogging world.

It was my first time to try La Tarte Aux Myrtilles or blueberry tart. I know and love blueberry cheesecake but the ones I've been familiar with came from a jar. These blueberries were harvested from the Auvergne mountains where we spent one full week in a french style family summer vacation  on the highlands.

My husbands's family was keen about having me try it because it was the cake they got my husband on his first birthday.  At the same time, I was enjoying picking blueberries in the mountains while hiking.

For those interested with the recipe, please click here

Happy Saturday!




  1. That looks delicious! I can almost taste it from here!

  2. I enjoyed staring at it. I'm just weird, I was holding it everywhere and saved it for dinner's dessert. Finally I did and I wanted more. :)

  3. How special that you got to try this Arni. It looks scrumptious! Blueberry cheese cake is definitely one of my faves as well xoxox

  4. Thanks Vanisha. It was touching to have re-connected with the hub's past as well somehow finding out how much he loved blueberries as a kid. I will miss afternoon walks munching all the berries on the way.