Work Desk Behind a Sofa

Planning on re-decorating your space this year?  When blessed with a deep rectangular living area, sometimes we wonder how to fill up that space behind the sofa. Especially, when the TV screen is on the opposite wall.

Remember, there's a maximum distance that needs to be considered to properly view the TV depending on the size of your LCD/LED screen.  For instance, the sofa should not be more than 11 feet / 3.35 meters away from a 32" screen.  If you have 42'' TV, maximum distance should be less than 15 feet / 4.57 meters. 

Placing a work desk is an ideal way to utilize that empty nook behind your sofa.  This arrangement allows openness and direct view of the TV as well.  I have always hated working on a desk facing a wall.  The best scenario of course for a private work desk requiring quiet contemplation is to face a window with a great view or positioned right at the center of the room surrounded by inspiring pieces to spark creativity.  However,  for those who would like to check their emails quickly while not wanting to miss their favorite program, this layout works best. 

1  Gray Mirage 2142-50 Accent Wall Paint by Benjamin Moore
2  Reeve Mid Century Table Coffee Table- Marble top and walnut legs by West Elm
Draper Strip Major Brown Throw by Dwell Studio
4  Rugs USA Satara Edison Nickel Rug  by Rugs USA
Kahrs Linnea Living Collection Oak Coffee -1 strip micro bevelled brushed and stained wood flooring in matt lacquer finish by  Kährs Nordic Homeworx
6 Sloan Upholstered Chair in  Hazy Taupe Linen Weave by West Elm
7 Petrie sofa in tan leather by Crate & Barrel

Have a lovely week!
Love & light,



  1. Maybe someday I'll have a home as beautiful as this, then I will apply your tips hehe...

  2. Love how that room came together! Everything works so well!

  3. I love having my desk behind the sofa but I face the wall. I don't like facing everything else (though Patrick is the opposite!) And I agree, it's such a great use of space that otherwise might not get utilised effectively xoxox

  4. I like this concept! My husband and I are currently living in an apt and our space is definitely limited. This just means we have to be creative, of course. We actually have twin desks in our space. I am still trying to figure out configuration of the space to make it look more attractive but, this desk behind the sofa concept looks like a good one! =D

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