Sanctuary Bedrooms

How does your bedroom look like?   Is it a space of total zen or is there a lot of display pieces inside defining you and your partner's personalities?  Today, I'm featuring bedrooms where I'd like to spend the rest of the day in. I can imagine having breakfasts in bed or meditating in there or spending the rest of the afternoon reading a book.  

They all have a common denominator;  wood tones + slight touch of color + plush cushions, very minimal accent pieces or decor, neutral colors, with a perfectly matched artwork.

The light olive wall and the hue of the artistic photographs serenely accentuate this bedroom.

Bedroom Retreat modern bedroom

I love the overall combination of materials and colors.  The subtle artwork of the galloping horse matches very well with the ceiling color and dark flooring.
relaxing bedroom modern

The blending of wood and blues in this room is soothing balanced by romantic lighting. The mirror leaning on the wall makes it all more dramatic.

Natural Bedroom modern bedroom
William Hefner Architecture modern bedroom

A canopy bed makes it even more romantic along with warm lighting.

Kemptown House contemporary bedroom
Kemptown House contemporary bedroom

The simplicity and stylish factor of this bedroom is at the top of my list.

Cary Bernstein Architect Choy 2 Residence modern bedroom
Design by  Cary Bernstein Architect, San Francisco

I should post a photo of my bedroom one of these days.  It's very simple much like myself and my hubby.  There are unusual artworks above our bed.  My black and white photographs of gigantic cactus during our trip to South America. Why? They remind me of our times together and they look sort of sexy. :)  

I'm off for a nap after staring at these beautiful bedrooms :)