Tasteful Murals

Hello! How are you doing?  I missed you all.  While I was in bed terribly sick since Monday, I'd stare up at the ceiling and think, "Oh, the blog.."   I kept myself completely away from the internet and strictly followed doc's orders after he prescribed a complete bed rest for several days.  In a nutshell,  I'm still recovering and waiting for hopefully some positive news on the results. 

Today, I want to write something about what makes me happy. I am madly in love with murals,  frescoes,  trompe l'oeil...so much that I am always elated to see them.   I think that if I were to have the opportunity, I would love to become a muralist.  

I've never done it before, but I once guided a muralist team from a residential project I was working on several years ago.  I was there to see to it that the mural design matches the furniture we were putting in.  One day, I was surprised by how fake the marbling looked and I was completely disappointed.   I practically grabbed the brush out of his hands to do it myself. It was so funny, there I was, no experience of doing a mural and working on the marbling.  The guy answered back, "How did you do that?"  Honestly, I don't know..I just remembered how the marble looks like and painted it.  Anyway, to cut the story short, we hired another team of muralists to re-do the walls and this time, they did an excellent job.

This is also the reason for my love of castles.  Apart from the architecture and history, the best part was staring at the murals.  Each time, I stare up at them, I feel happy and ecstatic, sometimes I cry out of joy.   I think about the artists who made them. Their feelings, their thoughts, their desires, were they hungry when painting? Were they happy?  Oh how lucky they were!  It must be a strenuous task to work on large scale art works, but those heavenly frescoes, the greatness of their skill printed on the wall is just beyond words!

It's very rare we  find a flying cherubim painted on our ceiling nowadays. Hence,  I'm posting a selection of tasteful murals in a contemporary twist.

Dramatic Dining Room in Hollywood Regency Style - Robert Naik photography contemporary dining room

Yes, we always find them in children's bedrooms.

pottery barn kids rooms traditional kids

Very sophisticated and refined work of art..

Photographer: Roger Davies

The monochromatic hues of the photomural woods design blends in so well.
Photographer:  William Waldron

I love the tropical feel of the soothing palm fronds painted by Aaron Barr Studios

Photographer:  William Waldron

There you have it.
Do you have a mural at home?  Or considering having one painted?
 I'd really like to try doing one myself one day...
I wonder if it would ever happen..I have no idea.

I wish you a great Thursday!

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