One Perfect Friday

I woke up at 10:30AM from a hazy dream.  Still giddy from the vision of my husband cascading down a steep slope on a mountain bike during a vacation in rural Asia, I heard his voice ushering me to get up from bed.  I felt the urge to concoct lunch from the remaining rice and veggies in the fridge. This led to hubby's favorite fried rice.  I served it with a sunny side up egg on top, sausages on the side for a brunch in bed treat.

Still craving for the texture of the quilt, I hopped in and watched an old animated film, Megamind. I loved it! :)
By mid day, I was off to the art studio, feeling a bit anxious to face my classmates and teacher, wondering what to say why I have disappeared for two months without notice.  I ordered a hot brewed coffee at the coffee shop across the art gallery and brought it up with me to the studio on the upper floor.  I was alone and I spent some quiet time staring at the colorful canvases leaning on the walls around the studio while I sipped my coffee.  I turned the radio on and sat in front of my unfinished painting of a woman with one un-drawn eye.   I knew I had to at least finish painting her face today.

I haven't painted for the last two months.  I would always walk in our guest bedroom where my easel is and my finished and unfinished works. I would stand there after work  for minutes staring at them and that was the closest I got to them for the last few weeks.  My first self portrait gazing up at me unsigned.

The greatest thing that happened to me today was I reunited with my brushes.  The smell of turpentine on my clothes, the wonderful conversation about art and encouraging advice from my teacher.  I told him about my emotional encounter with the masters during my Vatican museum tour, walking under their frescoes crying in ecstasy.

While my teacher, Ali  was giving me pointers for improvement on my current paint studies, a guy came up behind us and acknowledged the work with appreciation.  He asked me, "Are you the artist?"  I was stunned and didn't know what to say.  I nodded and  answered, "I'm learning.."  and indicated that Ali is my teacher.  He handed his business card and he turned out to be an artist himself exhibiting downstairs and working in a gallery in New York.  I'd love to be able to say I'm an artist one day.  Maybe I am, but I think I'll call myself that when I actually get to finish a lot more oil paintings and actually exhibit.  That would be a dream.

I came home and Yohann invited me for an overdue movie date.  We ended up making a u-turn to a fine Argentinian restaurant,Palermo  at the Dubai Polo Club instead. Very intimate and I love the courtyards. Those beef empanadas for starters are really yummy.  Great ribeye, medium, tender, juicy steak with that great chimi churi sauce along with mixed green salad and  grilled veggies. When there are dim lights, I often order medium.  It scares me to eat reddish meat.  Their  shiraz was so-so.   I had the apple tarte with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon for dessert.  An evening of fine dining was a treat indeed.

Lingering scent of turpentine and blogging seals my perfect day.