Sweet Treats for The Self

Do you have that feeling sometimes when you're obliged to do something you hate?  Out of responsibility.  More often than not, it's something we just need to deal with.

I learned something today.  While I was in the car before the task at hand, I breathed a big sigh of surrender and prayed, " I'm doing this for You.  Not for me. Bless the people I'm going to meet today and make them happy. I want You to know, this is all out of obedience."  A wave of relief lifted  the task at hand. Everything breezed by very quickly without exerting any effort,  similar to a movie in fast forward.   It went smooth. I felt happy afterwards.  I don't know why I'm sharing this but I realized, we are not alone.  I didn't have to carry all the burden of fulfilling a mundane or herculean task in solitude.

Gosh, I'm too serious.  Having said that...it led to retail therapy. (I hope hubby's not reading this). Shopping purchases happen once in a while.  Honestly. I'm amused to see his eyes grow big whenever he sees stuffed paper bags of Zara, Mango, H&M, not to mention shoes lined up in the hallway.

Speaking of which, how do you reward yourself?  When you have fulfilled a difficult task or spent late nights completing a deadline, to chill out as a reward?

My normal personal treats are as follows:
  1. A nice cup of brewed coffee with a tablet of dark chocolate!
  2. A full body massage or mani pedi.
  3. A relaxing facial.
  4. Cooking myself a dish I'm craving for at that moment and would enjoy eating it, perched on the pouf in front of the telly.
  5. A shopping treat of clothes or makeup.
  6. Browsing inside the bookstore and getting  myself a book.
  7. A trip to a fave furniture store and buying something from there.  One time I got myself two ottomans and you can just imagine the big eyes my hubby threw me. 
  8. A dinner date with the hubby.
  9. Dinner or afternoon coffee with bffs.
  10. All you can eat brunch during the weekend.
  11.  Haagen Dazs Belgian chocolate ice cream large.
  12. Watching a happy film.
  13. Vacation.
  14. Painting.
  15. Long distance phone call home.
I'm excited because I have signed up for some hours back in the Art Studio tomorrow.  I intend to spend the weekend painting and probably squeeze in a date with the hubby.

What about you?  How do you reward yourself?

Image via Sweetest Occasion



  1. My favorite reward to myself? A nice glass of wine. Discovering a new restaurant. A day lounging somewhere with a view.

  2. Thank you Prie for visiting. Need lots of that right now. :)

    Thanks, Tina..ooh a glass of red wine! Great ideas. Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. this post is inspiring... It just reminded me hat there are things in life that you cannot simply control :) I reward myself by eating my favorite foods ('til I drop) without thinking of my diet. Watching a great adventure, sci-fi or a suspense movie on the big screen with my hubby... my simple joys :)

  4. I am guilty for rewarding myself with too much food too :)