Sweet Melon

How's your start of the week?  Please forgive me for posting something personal today.  I am very happy and surprised to hear that my husband's passion for gardening bore fruit.  Literally.

So today, I'm making a tribute to my husband , congratulating him for his patience and diligence in planting a sweet melon in the desert!

This was how it started.. 

The  plant that started as a seed we bought from the Dubai Garden Centre
It's extra tough due to the extreme heat this summer.
He had to put some grass to cover the soil to protect it from the heat.
He eventually created a net shade for them.

Then it grew to this and kept on growing.

Here it is..his first Sweet Melon!

After all those times when he was frustrated because the insects ate them or someone stole them. 
Finally this melon survived.  :) 
Well not for long... :)

As a treat I made him the Peruvian specialty, Lomo Saltado for dinner.

For the recipe, click  here
Bon Appetit!
Happy Monday!