Chalkboard Wall @ Home Office

Hello! How's life during the busiest day of the week?  I'm helping out a friend re-decorate her apartment on a budget.  It's a fun and challenging task indeed, and while she's enjoying her time away on vacay,  I will surprise her with the mood board and drawings when she gets back and I'll share the design process here soon.

While I was searching for the perfect wall color for the accent wall at Benjamin Moore, I stumbled across chalkboard paints.  I mentioned previously how I love chalkboard paints in kitchens, but long behold, they're even better on the home office wall!

This daily wall planner is brilliant!

via Benjamin Moore

and so is this!

via House to Home. uk

San Carlos Residence Two contemporary kitchen
Design by SF Interior designer Amoroso Design

Child Proof.   My mom would have been relieved if chalkboard paints were available during my childhood.
I was one of those naughty kids drawing on the walls with crayons non-stop.  Because of that she had to re-paint  the walls or re-apply wallcovering every year. Thinking about it, it's great for design studios especially while brainstorming and conceptualizing.  What other chalkboard applications can you think of at home?

Happy Wednesday!

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