Deco Tip: Text Print Artwork for the Walls

 A wonderful idea to spice up an empty wall at home is to decorate it with framed prints. A favorite quote, an inspirational verse or something that makes you happy.  Anything that defines you. It could be related to your interests or a goal or a virtue.

Personalizing your space truly makes your flat a home.  Often we find ourselves buying a generic frame from any of the stores.  Later, we find the same artwork in all of our friends' apartments.  I think that's just plain sad as each of us are unique and special.  We all deserve our own distinct character. 

I found these fabulous artworks from  Made By Girl.  She customizes posters and prints and can be ordered online.
Made by Girl print from two six

Made by Girl print from ish & ich blog

Here's an inspired wall art from Rue.

via Rue Magazine

For those interested in DIY, purchase IKEA frames as per your preferred size and frame finish. Adobe photoshop or much better, Adobe Illustrator will be handy.  Once the illustration soft copy is ready, head to the local printer.  Some local printers are offering illustration services as well.  To those who have access to really large plotters,  lucky for you! 

What text have you conceptualized?  I'll write more blogs on printed artworks in the future. Happy printing for now.

    Have a great Monday!

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