Weekend Bits

Friday has been a very busy day. Chores, Art Class and Chores.. I just finished packing for a one-week business trip.   I'm going to Kuwait and then to Qatar. I'm not sure if I would be able to post this week but I'll try.  If I find something interesting to share from there, I'll definitely post it here.

A moment of silence.  I wish our brothers and sisters in Japan safety, comfort and strength during  this difficult time.   I'm lighting a candle with a silent prayer and good wishes.

There's this interesting quick  exercise that I'm going to try from Inner Space.

Quick exercise: 
Every time you think ill of someone, promise yourself to find only qualities in the next 10 people you see. Every time you speak ill of someone, promise to say only good things to the next 10 people you meet. Naturally, you'll begin to see more good in others and become more positive.

I found the perfect place to start this-->while driving on the road, especially here in the Middle East.  :) 

Have a great weekend everyone!