No Worry

I have been mia for a few days. Been down with the blues, questioning a lot of things going around me lately.  I would like to be in lighter spirits when writing.  I wouldn't like to burden you.  Life isn't perfect.  I'm not either.  I would say it's such a relief to acknowledge that I don't have to be.  We all strive to be and that journey towards becoming our better selves should be enjoyed.

As easy as pancakes (I'm craving for these so what the heck, I'll put the image here)

One of the things I learned this week is:  ''No Worry''

There's this seemingly impossible office task that has been nagging me for weeks. I refer to it as a niggle.  I have tried every possible solution to the problem, but I ended up facing a blank wall each time.  I needed external support to develop a design solution that is feasible and on top of that, there's a deadline. Cool, right?    I found a team who could produce it and we have reached a solution but it's taking them a long time to develop it.  It's like creating  a new product line.  I did enjoy working on it though despite everybody in the office telling me it's useless to work on it and I should give up. But I've never been a quitter, you see.

Been trained solving problems for several years under pressure and this one may seem like a petty task, but it bugged me for weeks. My deadline was last week and I asked for more extension. Today was my last day.

So finally this morning I let it go.  I did what I could and let God handle it. I went outside of the office and shrugged the whole thing off hearing my husband say, ''If there's a problem, there's a solution.  If there's no solution, then it's not a problem.''

Guess what?  My mobile phone rang and I have just made it to the deadline.  As easy as that.  'The Man Up There' has a way of telling us that we are too preoccupied with small things that we forget that all we need to do is remember Him.

After all this years, I still haven't learned my lesson!  Now I just have to write this down so next time I won't forget :)



  1. Thanks for sharing this, it lifts up my spirit. And it's good to write about it as it serves as a reminder and you never know when it touches other people's lives... like how it touches mine!

  2. I'm so happy to hear that. Thank you so much for the sweet message.