Look Up, Oh Wood!

I am a fan of high wooden ceilings at Main Areas. They evoke luxury and coziness.

 Most of the time, a flat gypsum ceiling is painted white.  It often gets lost.
We often think it makes the room bigger. Nobody ever looks up so why bother.
The ceiling is often taken for granted.  In reality, it does a great deal in enhancing a space.

I would definitely incorporate a timber ceiling feature in my dream house.
Light and Airy without losing the presence of the ceiling, whether it's sloped or flat.

Bruce D. Nagel Architect modern living room
Modern living room design by NY Architect Bruce D. Nagel Architect

The exposed beams add extra aesthetic points to a space.  They could function as track lighting support as shown here.
Orcas Island Residence contemporary living room
Contemporary living room design by Seattle architect David Vandervort Architects

San Juan Cabin contemporary bedroom
Contemporary bedroom design by Seattle architect Joshua M. Masterson
 I love the way the bed was oriented facing the view outside.  Such a beautiful morning view to wake up to!
San Juan Cabin contemporary bedroom
Same bedroom by Seattle architect Joshua M Masterson
 I am fascinated by the horizontal and vertical element as a surface material applied here.

William Hefner Architecture Interiors & Landscape modern living room
Modern living room design by LA architect William Hefner Architecture Interiors & Landscape

For a more mediterranean look, the living room design below is inspiring.
Living Room at the Wilen residence mediterranean living room
Design by Atlanta showroom Chris Lewis

The bedroom idea below accentuates the plain flat ceiling as an extended headboard
for a more traditional look.
Image via House to Home

A more rustic country approach combined with modern dining chairs and pendants is stylishly charming.

Image via House to Home
Overall, the wooden ceiling adds warmth.  Adding wooden treatment in some rooms spices up the look of the house. The key is not to overdo it or it becomes heavy on wood.
Which style is your preference?  Modern? Country?  Traditional?  Mediterranean?

I wish you all a great Saturday! 



  1. I love wood too... I love to incorporate wood to my dream house, it has to be modern mediterranean. I want to have trellis on the way to my veranda... Oh, i'm dreaming of my future home in the Philippines. I should start planting mahogany & narra now:)

  2. Now I have an idea what you like. Let's work on your dream house :)