Home Make-Over Ideas

Hello Everyone!   I'm feeling extra inspired today so I have gathered a collection of brilliant home make-over ideas that would be applicable in various scenarios.

1.  Blank Wall
Create a faux window by hanging mirrors.   Take this Soho loft. I think this is really gorgeous.

Soho Loft eclectic living room
Eclectic living room design by New York interior designer ABC Dragoo

How:  Paint the back wall a darker color and with a laser level and mirror mastic, 
 hang 30cm x 30cm LOTS mirrors available in IKEA
They come in 4 pcs per pack.

2. Need a Home Office space
What I hate about desks at home is the clutter. Papers, files, and stationery hovering over the desk that is already occupied by the laptop and endless gadgets. 

Convert an existing closet space into a home office.  I suggest keeping the bi-folding or sliding door if possible to conceal it when not in use. I like how  inspiring bulletin wall added a personal touch and identity to this office nook.
Mercedes Corbell contemporary home office
Contemporary home office design by SF Architect Mercedes Corbell

  1. Check the measurement of your existing closet space. 
  2. Ensure the depth is deep enough to fit a desk and the printer/scanners are ideally placed sideways. 
  3. Measure the height.  Hang shelves as shown according to the height of your file .
  4.  Make sure the space is deep enough to fit bottom drawers with ball casters.
  5. Have an electrician provide power points  for the computer and if possible an internet cable as backup, whenever the wireless doesn't work especially when you need to log on vpns. (It happens to me a lot).
  6. Keep items valuable to you that stimulates motivation.
When there is no closet space available, use screens or paravents as a divider.
3. Empty Niches
Build a Book Nook.  Convert niches and build a small library.  The alphabetical or uncategorized collection of books can add plus points for ''homey'' factor into your home especially when you have the passion to read.

Office contemporary home office
Contemporary home office design by Seattle interior designer Garret Cord Werner

Measure the niche depth and overall height.
Divide the height considering the bottom built-in drawers or pedestal.
Check available shelves width in your favorite home depot.
Measure with laser level and hang the shelves.
Add in light points with the help of your electrician for extra shelf lighting or
power points for your table lamps.
Though in this part of the world where we live, it could be an ideal dust collector. Extra effort of cleaning them weekly would be the way to go.

Images via: Houzz