Have you ever had that feeling once you wake up when you wished you were in the dream instead as reality washes over you? Two nights ago, I had a dream.  I was swimming at night out into the ocean far away from the shore.  The farther I swam, the better I felt.  I was with a companion, a man I never met in my lifetime and he was warning me not to go beyond the safety barriers that I was daring to cross.  It was dark, and I was aware that the water is deeper than I could ever imagine. 

Until I reached the edge of a breakwater where two females were throwing stones which hit me in the head and lost consciousness.  The next part of the dream was waking up cast away alone in a deserted island.  Sand, driftwood, algae on the shore. Surprisingly, what I felt was relief instead of feeling scared.

I tried to google what this dream meant.  I didn't find my answer.

After long meditative silence, I realized that it meant being cast away in an island means freedom from others' expectations and swimming in the ocean is immersion within the self, looking inwards.

If there are dream analysts out there..maybe you could share your wisdom too.