Creating ''Me" Space at Home

After a stressful busy day at work, the non-stop mobile phone calls, endless emails, and to and fro in the car, all we crave is a quiet and peaceful break.  After the kids are asleep or before joining the spouse, we might indulge in an activity that we enjoy.  A time to slow down to take care of ourselves.  Create a personal space at home, indoors or outdoors that invite relaxation.

roof top terrace modern patio
Modern patio design by New York architect Dufner Heighes Inc

I love this roof top terrace with great privacy in the middle of the urban jungle. The outdoor fireplace, teak furniture,chic planters provide a lovely escape for self nurturing.

green remodel contemporary entry
Contemporary design by SF Architect Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Create a Window Seat.  It is a perfect nook to curl up and read a book or write on your journal. The great view is ideal for daydreaming.
Carmel, California mediterranean patio
Mediterranean patio design

Being close to nature is the fastest way to escape and clear the mind.
The outdoor fireplace add romance for a dinner with your loved one al fresco here.
If you have a vacant unused space in your backyard, convert it to a small patio.

What about you, have you found a quiet corner in your home?




  1. I like the modern patio & it may work for me in reality. So inspiring!

  2. Thanks, I think your huge balcony can be converted into a modern patio.