Random Bits: Success

Weekend.  Mornings mostly spent catching up with chores. To spice up domestic activity, I pumped the music volume with Taylor Swift's voice filling up the room to get in the Valentine mood. I'm having guests over tonight and I'm cooking early before heading off to my paradise- my Art Class.

While I was driving home yesterday, I was thinking about the word 'Success' and what it means.  I think each one of us have different definitions.  I'm sure one point or another, we have experienced it.  As long as something we feel significant happens, I think that attributes to success. May it be passing that exam we've worked hard studying for  or making something happen and making a difference.

My own definition of success is this:  Finding our gift, harnessing it, and sharing that with others.
I haven't reached that point yet.  Someone quoted, '' Success is not a day job.."  Possibly true, but I beg to differ.  If my day job is something I'm passionate about and are able to touch lives, then I have found success.  Otherwise, then that quote would deem true.

Often, I wonder if those climbing the corporate ladder really enjoys what they're doing.  I think I have yet to ask them.    I'm happy for them if they find happiness in this pursuit.  It's just a thought that puzzles me because I'm currently in that world.  I'm still aiming to perform my absolute best to achieve goals, but it's merely to prove a point for myself so that one day I could finally take the fire exit and start living my definition.

I wonder what success means to you.  Just some random thoughts to ponder this weekend.

 Have a great Friday!