French Macaron Friday

Hello to you all!  Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. 
I am pleased that I finished my first oil painting portrait today.
We were supposed to spend the post Chinese New Year dinner
in an authentic Chinese restaurant with very close friends,
 but was cancelled and postponed at the last minute
 due to one of them having the seasonal flu.
 To celebrate the weekend, we treated ourselves to a luxurious dessert.
None other than the best macarons we've ever tasted
and of course made by the very best, Ladurée.
Don't we all enjoy the finest things in life?  
We are fortunate to have one here at the 1st Floor of Dubai Mall.
Along with my friend and partner in crime Shela who share the
same passion for fine things like 700 thread counts and a trip to
Chanel, I had a fabulous time.
French macarons over a cup of coffee.
I'm a happy girl.