Road Trip Postcard: Marais-Poitevin

We have a holiday tomorrow so it's an early weekend for us here.
Reminiscing road trips, I would like to share our short summer day trip to Marais-Poitevin.
It is a large marshland in the Western France in the Pays de la Loire and Poitou-Charente regions.  Situated in the West of Niort, North of La Rochelle and South of Fontenay-Le-Comte.  How to get there?  Click here

Town of Coulon on the Green Venice

 It was declared a Regional National Park until 1996 when the area grew heavy in agriculture.
Nevertheless, this unique site attracts a lot of tourists for the weekend especially during the summer. 
The artists are drawn to this place.  Everywhere you look, there is a source of inspiration.  
The still green waters of cris-crossing canals, dykes and rivers
drew the nickname ''La Venise Verte" or The Green Venice.

Popular for the trees- Saule Pleureur,  you'll see a lot of this tree on the meadows and lots of cows too.

Picturesque Canals for touristic row boating or punting

 It's an excellent place to ride bikes. There are various bike routes to choose from.
If you didn't bring one, bikes could be rented in the village of Arcais.
Families stop for a lazy picnic lunch.

Haven't cycled in 8 years until this trip.

Cycling here is amazing!

After 25 km, I gave up. Reward: great experience and  all unused muscles were  aching all over

I'd love to go there again.
Happy Weekend!