I Love My Funny Shoes

The first time I saw some  VFF Classics on the internet, I couldn't stop laughing my heart out.  I never imagined I would actually embrace it.

VFF stands for Vibram Fivefingers.  You might see a lot of VFF fanatics on the road and I am one of them.

Let me share with you the 5 reasons why we should wear them. According to Vibram, they:
1. Strengthen the feet and legs
2. Improve mobility of the lower limbs
3. Develop balance and agility
4.Increase the perception of the body
5. Favour the functional posture of the vertebral column (beneficial to those with back problems)

My husband also says, based on his experience after running with VFF that his knees are strengthened too.
For me, it's because it's so comfy!  It's practically close to walking barefoot.

My advice: Don't judge the shoes until you try them.  My fashionista colleagues were squirming when they saw me walking around with these Jaya LR with my sharp Zara Suit.  One of our bosses even called it the 'funny shoes'.  

Guess what, I'm glad I was wearing this pair while commuting and walking for kilometers during Salone del Mobile. It saved me from further damage to my feet.  I should have bought it even before the start of the show.  I am amused by the giggles and smiles from the people staring at my feet on the street and inside the metro.

My husband became a VFF addict way before me. He bought his first pair almost a year ago after a big struggle finding them as they were not available here. He loved them so much that the week after that, he was already talking about wanting to get more models. Last month, one of the main reasons he joined me in Milan was for him to be able to buy some more pairs. And boy was he happy once he did!  Check this out: those are his not mine.   He was like a happy kid who just got his new toy and immediately took pictures of his shoes as soon as he got back to the hotel.

He just came back from a 3-4 km walk with the yellow model you can see above and the first thing he said while going through the door was "Man, those shoes are great!". Now, the problem is that 5 pairs is not enough for him and he's already contemplating on acquiring more...  :)

As for me, I have two pairs and I also plan to buy more in lighter colors.  I guess we are VFF addicts.

Have you tried them on already?

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