Listening to french online radio while working at my easel, I can't help feeling nostalgic.  If I could, I'd take the plane and head off to Paris today.   Above is a captured beauty of Montmartre at 4pm, which is exactly the time there right now.  The sound of children murmuring in short french phrases while walking with their parents, a couple having coffee at the balcony, tourists drifting by checking their camera whether they had enough pictures of Sacre Coeur, footsteps echoing while taking the endless stairs, artists occupied with their caricatures, memories of Montmartre are always there with me.

Weekend is indeed very short. 
 I'm enjoying the last few hours before we head off to reality.
I wish I make the reality into a dream one day.

Happy weekend Everyone!

Guess What:  I took the above image in France, 2004