Effortless Style

I don't really write anything about fashion  and prefer reading them from other bloggers, but I just have to post this.  I simply adore my friend Nat's  style.  This is her office outfit today.  Isn't she cute?

Top :   Esprit
Jeans:  Factory Outlet
Belt:  Max
Boots:  Timberland
Black Spaghetti Top:   Etam
Eyeglasses:  Prada

Yesterday, the film Burlesque was just released here in the Gulf and we were at the movie premiere with my friend Nat (hence, my absence).  This feel good movie is incredibly inspiring and amazing! I don't mind watching it again. There are several design ideas lingering and floating in my head on Burlesque inspired interiors.  The glamour, the oozing sexiness and talent, I'm still in awe.
For now I wish you all a Happy Thursday!