French Macarons for the Sweet Tooth

I believe there's a sweet tooth in us.  I'm more of a dark chocolate person.  However, recently, a french macaron treat was brought to the office in the form a gigantic cone of  pastel colors.  Despite the carb diet we were in, we, girls were immediately drawn to pick up a piece. 

The explosion of taste, sugar and buttercup filling was enough to keep us grabbing for more. It was addictive
and the rainbow of colors didn't help us curb our cravings either.

Perfect for tea parties, weddings, and afternoon coffee.  At first, the word 'macaroons' make me think of those small coconut chewy treats but remove one 'O' et voila!  It transforms into this delightful confection of various flavors from pistachio, caramel and my favorite chocolate filling that would ignite the Gourmande within us.

Bon Appetit!




  1. that looks pretty and delectable!
    i finished 3 maple pecan danish yesterday! i'm craving for it for days so, hubby bought a box of it per my request. today for breakfast, i had starbucks coffee and 2 of the m.p. danish.
    i plan to eat it again tonight with hot green tea with pomegranate. talk about danish overload! oh my, i know i would have to skip carbo for the next few days :) just to make up for my sweet tooth.

  2. Thanks Chelle..i now want to try maple pecan danish. :)