The Sketchbook Page Series

While waiting one evening inside a coffee shop, I had a random inkling to sketch this on my handy sketchbook that accompanies me everyday.  There are moments where a spark of inspiration just touches you, right?  Over a cup of brewed coffee, this sums up that experience for me. 

The Sketchbook Project: 2011
I recently heard about the  Arthouse Sketchbook Project  Thousands of sketchbooks will be travelling and will be exhibited at galleries and museums all over the United States. The signup to participate for the 2011 tour has closed last November 15th, 2010.   There are about 28,834 artists from 94 countries around the world that are participating.  Each  artist has received an empty moleskin sketchbook ($ 25) that they need to fill with their personal artwork regarding this year's theme for submission before the given deadline.  Each book  has a corresponding barcode for catalog purpose at the Brooklyn Art Library System where they will be kept afterwards.  The tour starts in March 2011.
I personally believe this initiative is brilliant!  I wish they transform this into a world tour in the near future.  I would have loved to join.  Inspired by this project, I will post my own Sketchbook Page Series based on random themes (mostly interiors, I suppose) as a new blog feature since I wasn't able to sign up.  Who knows, we could all join next year.
Happy Tuesday Everyone!



  1. finally i got a glance at your secret book
    how lucky i am

  2. i guess it will not be a secret book for long :)