Always a Gourmande

"He was upset and didn't speak to me for eating his Dried Mangoes"

I'm not sure if I should share you this.  If I could at least put a smile on your face after this story, then I have succeeded.

Always a Gourmande.  My hubby left for a short jog in the community.  While I was busy replying to emails, I found the packet of Dried Mangoes on the kitchen counter.  Just seeing the glossy green cover makes me think of the sweet taste of dry powdery texture of confectioner  slowly melting against the softness of the dried mangoes.  This whole sensation is all happening and without thinking twice, I snapped open the dried mangoes my husband brought home for us to share.  My thoughts wandered and a voice justified the action by saying, "Oh well, if he had wanted it, he would have already had it a long time ago." 
I finished the whole pack in less than five minutes and as if on cue, my husband came home with a shocked look on his face and uttered, "I can't believe it!"

He didn't talk to me. I felt so horrible.  I apologised but he was too disappointed to accept.  The next day, I vowed to make amends.  

I prepared his favorite  Gratin Dauphinois using Julia Child's recipe.  It turned out perfect.  He liked it and that pleased me so when he said, "Very Good".  The best I could get out of him usually was "Okay".
And guess what??    I bought him two packets of Dried Mangoes!  I placed them on his nightstand.

I saw him smile again!  Apologies accepted.