Are Handwritten Letters a Dying Art?

History of Handwritten Letters
How do you feel when you receive a mail by post?  Not the thick sort with your printed name peeking out from the window of the envelope just below the bank logo.  I'm talking about Handwritten Name and Address on the face of the envelope with an actual stamp.  I don't know about you, but this would definitely brighten up my day!  We are swamped with emails daily, that the automatic response to an email in an inbox screams, ''let it not be spam!''  Though I would probably change my view slightly years ago when my hubby and I were long distance lovers and email was our connection.  Apart from that, now I would say, I wish handwritten letters stay forever and should never become a dying art.  

Were you ever curious about its history? How it all started? Check out this infographics by Sample Letters {Click on the image and/or link for a better view.}

There's a part of the other person that is shared with us when writing and folding the letter with their own hands.  A Personal touch? Each stroke of ink reveals the other person's emotion and feeling at that moment whether there are lines on paper or not. Not to mention those who do not use sponge water to adhere their stamps on the envelope.  That becomes more personal, then?

This makes me think, why don't I try writing to family and friends and visit the post office more often for the fun of it?

Infographic Source: Sample Letters