Food + Dreamy Kitchens

I started this Food + Dreamy Kitchens a while back where I post images of a beautiful kitchen for design inspiration and write a corresponding food that I would love to cook and eat in that particular kitchen.  The food I am noting here would be the first food that could be perceived by my taste buds at the site of this space. You can play this game with me and tell me what your dish would be.  

Designed by  Urrutia Design
Food in this kitchen:
Linguine with pesto

I love the layout of this kitchen- dining. Lovely for entertaining and cooking with a view. 
 The custom designed framed mirror accentuates the grey wall while
 enlarging the space.  The clear glass pendants balance the space well,  
allowing  illumination without looking too bulky.


Food in this kitchen:
Beef Burrito

Maybe it's the cylindrical suspended lamp that made me think of burritos.
As you would notice, I love island kitchens. Great space for chats while baking
and guests are perched on the bar stool.  

Designed by Casella Interiors

Food in this kitchen:
Macaroni & Cheese

With this comfort food, lounging around the breakfast nook barefoot  
and cross legged on the sofa seating with a bowl of mac & cheese.
Designed by  Jenni Leasia Design

Food in this kitchen:
Butternut squash Risotto

Does this post make you hungry?

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Source:  Houzz



  1. i love your food choices for each of these kitchens!

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