Coffee or Tea?

A blast in the past.  When I feel like escaping the present, I head off to this charming cafe,  Shakespeare & Co. the same place where I had a  lovely breakfast last weekend.

Their ever expanding cafes and restaurants may slightly change in interior decor from branch to branch throughout different countries but will always revolve around the same feel of being somewhere far removed from the present. This Middle-east born concept recently opened one in Beirut, Lebanon .


Do you think you'd enjoy yourself in a place like this?

On a personal note:
I fancy some time alone treating myself to an alone-date from time to time.  One  afternoon, I went to another known restaurant chain, a steak house whose name I will not say here."A table for one." I was guided to a small booth for two.  In the middle of all the bustling noise of groups,  meeting up for a late lunch, I was content  being there by myself, studying the menu. Reading my kindle in between.  I happily watched the crowd while I listened to Michael Jackson sing- Beat It.   The waitress pulls me from my thoughts and asks for my order. After a few minutes, she comes back with my drink and asks,   "Where's your date? Why are you alone?"

I looked at her,  surprised by the question  and smiled.  I involuntarily gave off this  I-don't-know expression that came out like, "Pfff" from my nose,  that I seemed to have acquired during trips to France with a sudden jerk of my shoulders and eyebrows.Absent minded (as always), I  answered, "Well... that's that.  I'm alone."  The waitress shook her head as she walked away. 

Do you like eating out alone?
Wow, it's already Wednesday?




  1. great blog you got there, glad i found it :)

    want to follow each other?

  2. I enjoy little adventures by myself--its offers a much different experience than focusing on another person.

    That waitress was a little jealous of your confidence, hence her snide little remark.

    Haters are just reluctant admirers. Keep doing you, my dear.