Mexican Fiesta

A Mexican themed brunch that extends till dinner. It's a monthly tradition my girlfriends and I  have started this year.  Each of us will bring a dish we have prepared.  The venue changes each month.  We somehow recreate a  vacation where we bring a country to our homes instead.

The host of the party, Gail decorated her dining and living area with colorful tissue paper streamers and lanterns  made of serviettes.   A separate refreshment table was set up with our favorite lime margarita and an ice filled bucket of drinks.

Salt edged glasses dyed in food coloring that made our lips blue added to more fun. Latin music was constantly playing in the background greeting the guests at the door.  A Mexican party is never complete without the mango salsa salad. 

Beef for tacos and mango salsa salad
The mouth watering fajitas, chili con carne and enchiladas drew the guests towards the table. 

In light of today's Friendship Day, I'm happy to feature our wonderful Saturday brunch together.   We all met during our employment in an events and exhibition company.  We were former colleagues from various departments, but most of us have only grown closer after we left the firm.    We have all pursued different paths afterwards.  The day breezed by with mojitos and lively conversations among hyper women enjoying a fun day away from the mundane.

These beautiful women could be serious, wacky and crazy sometimes, with or without the microphone.  We are always ready to strike a pose.

Crazy and Sultry Pose

Hope you all had a great weekend!
I surely had a wonderful one!

Image 2/ 3/ 6/ 9/ 10-13/15  Photo Credit: Monica



  1. That looks delicious! It appears that you had a lot of fun, too. Love the cat!

  2. Thanks Elle Sees and Sherry Ellis :) Poor cat, he was sleeping and had no idea about the mini sombrero and photoshoot. :)