Hope you all had a great weekend!  Ours was unforgettable, we thought we would never arrive in France.  We had unconfirmed tickets.  Chance passengers. The last two days were spent hoping to get on the plane. We didn't anticipate that all flights to Paris are overbooked during Eid. We were determined to keep trying even if it takes us a week to get on a flight. Lack of sleep and hours spent waiting with our luggage at Abu Dhabi airport. After two departure attempts, we finally got lucky on the third try.   I was ready to leave on my own in case I do get a boarding pass. My husband and I were teary eyed when the check in ground crew announced our names. We both literally ran to the boarding gate.   Eight-hour flight to Paris and a four-hour train ride aboard TGV later, we finally arrived. 

This is the ''Aperitif '' to our vacation.  A leisurely drink before starters or a meal in order to stimulate the appetite.  I'd like to think that the beginning of our holidays may have started in a challenging way much like a strong taste of Pastis.  I could either drink and enjoy it even if the taste is not to my liking while looking forward to appetizers.  Or I skip it with a bad taste in my palate thinking the rest of the meal will be as bad. I choose the first.  




  1. Il s'agit d'un apéritif très bien équilibré, complexe et puissant. Pour plus d'informations sur apéritif révèle un équilibre parfait entre la nature et les qualités rafraîchissantes.

  2. Oui, tout à fait. Je vous remercie de votre visite.