A Creative Retreat

Access to the house from the bridge
If I had the means, I would love to get my hands busy with planning and restoring this old abandoned house. I think the dormant architect within me just woke up from a deep slumber when I saw this property nestled next to a tranquil marsh deep in the countryside.  It would be a perfect summer retreat for writers and artists who would like to spend some time harnessing their ideas and toying with their inspirations.

Front facade of the house
It is true that it is more expensive to renovate and restore a house than demolishing it and creating an entirely new structure.  It's part of the challenge and charm to preserve what was once there.  These rocks & stones had stories to tell.  The place has history and a bit of a mystery, wondering what type of memories the former tenants had, living there.

I will definitely change the Main Entrance door and work on enlarging some of the windows facing the northern side.

Rear side of the house
Imagine a terrace overlooking the water and greens at the back of the house attached to the kitchen.  It would be perfect for outdoor dining and reading during the summer.  If it were my project, I will keep the masonry exterior.  Supports similar to below will have to be provided to strengthen the walls.

On the contrary, I'll be simplifying and modifying the interior into a "Flamant" style.  A lighter hued interior walls to bring the light in and various natural materials with some contemporary additions.

The water side of the property

I'll keep dreaming. I hope whoever buys that property will decide to keep the old charm.
I'm sentimental mostly :)

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  1. I am also intrigued by ancient homes in need of a new life. This one is stunning.

  2. I completely agree Tina, some TLC from new home owners would indeed be great.