Art Feature : Sanaa

I am thrilled to feature another talented and creative lady,  Sanaa Merchant of  Sanaa's Art Gallery.  She's based in Dubai.  A graduate of an International Business degree who's now a full time Artist.   Life eventually led her to discover an innate passion and enthusiasm in the Arts.

What inspired you to pursue a life as an Artist?

Love with the different and various forms of art, where there is no barrier to stop me.  As an artist, I can talk and walk art. It doesn't have to be confined to just canvas.  Although, canvas always helps one to not only put their thoughts down on it, but it also helps to overcome any dilemma one is in.  Art gives me an ease of mind and helps me focused.

What motivated you to take this leap?

Hard work!!!! The path isn't easy, neither it is impossible.  I worked hard since the very start and still continue in doing so.  There is constant improvement as I believe learning has no end.

How did you start in this path?  

It started in school when I took art as a choice, just so that I do not have to pursue history and geography as my future study subjects.  I did not want to be bounded by books so I chose art as one of my subjects, by which later it developed in a passion it is today.  Today, I am glad at the choice I made years back.

What is your painting style?

My painting style is more of where details are.  I love details, but at the same time, I love to work with bright vibrant colors, especially turquoise blue, being one of my favorites.  You will see a lot of blues and other bright vibrant colors are usually always there.

How did you feel about the change, when you were still a beginner and going for what you wanted to do?

In school, I never did realize I would exhibit in prestigious places or that I would own a website with my works on it.  Neither did I know I would  be featured in newspapers, university journals or even blogs.  I feel totally so overwhelmed and happy what I pursued then to what I am today.  And yes, I still have a long way to go.

What was your favorite work out of all your masterpieces?  What ties to you to this particular piece?

My favorite piece of work is this traditional pot.  It is an enlarged painting of one of the images that I did in school.  The left one is when I was 15, and the right one is accomplished around 7 years after.  One can already see the difference.  I love this piece, as this is my identity where many people after having a close look at this piece of art inquire about me  and my works, and as well as give me commissions to do for their homes, offices, hotels, etc.    What I totally love about this work are the details attached with it, and the flow of color.  As you well know, watercolor is one of the most difficult medium to work with.

Your advice for aspiring artists?

Break free from the norms and do not be hesitant to work out experiments.  I often see some of my private students who wish to learn like me and do works like me, yet, they are scared to break fee and try something themselves.  One needs to be totally relaxed and scare free in order to achieve a timeless classic.

Well said!   Any upcoming exhibitions?

Ramadan Night Market @ DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre)  from August 10 - 19 
The next one is at The Address Hotel Lounge, Dubai  from September - October (Exact dates to be announced)

Contact Information:  
Telephone:  +971 50 9862106
Visit her facebook page:
Follow her on Twitter:  @artistsanaa



  1. beautiful works. congrats and good luck sana :)

  2. What an amazingly talented artist! Thanks for sharing her works.

  3. Honestly it is really great feelings that I know someone so creative and dedicate to her passion and work. I remember years back when you started painting and today your hardware and dedications show your success meter. My best wishes for you always and all the moment ...

    With love,


  4. Thank you Bluvian, Sherry Ellis and Muneeb for visiting. Sanaa's passion and enthusiasm in her craft is very inspiring.

  5. Love your work and all the very best in future.It's a great feeling to know you, a sweet and cute personality.Amazing talented artist with extreme dedication .Keep up the flow and outshine throughout your creativity.Best wishes always..

  6. That first piece really caught my attention, thank you so much for sharing xoxox

  7. Hello Vanisha, yes, I think so too, this piece somehow draws one in.

  8. thank you all for your lovely comments.... I am glad all enjoyed it. thanks again for your love, support and kind gesture :)