A Walk on the Beach

A walk on the beach completes one's summer.  As we were staying in the Western part of France, the closest one is Les Sables d' Olonne meaning "the sands of Olonne"   It is a seaside town of the  Vendée  Globe, a legendary round the world solo yacht race.  It is the sailing capital of France by the Atlantic Ocean.

We were surprised by the huge number of locals and tourists on their holidays at the beach on a regular working Wednesday.  The seafront promenade was recently renovated with these lovely trellised waiting sheds and matching stone walkways.

It's so funny.  When I was taking a picture of this wooden trellis, the locals stopped walking and started looking at what I was taking a picture of.   I was really amused by that. It was nice to see they sky in a different perspective.

The city is bustling throughout the year, more so during summer.  I've had the privilege of visiting Les Sables d'Olonne during winter as well and there were mostly surfers braving the cold waters of the Atlantic and retired citizens staying here. The surrounding areas offer a wide range of activities for the nature lovers. Walking and cycling paths through forests and marsh lands.  A visit to many castles, churches and abbeys. Oh, a picnic in the greens.

A long stretch of fine sandy beach, beach clubs for kids, cafes, restaurants, casinos, brasseries, creperies, and beach apartments will always keep the town lively and the visitors entertained day and night. 

This summer treat will definitely bring out anyone's  ''child within''.

Which one do you prefer- a crepe or an ice cream?
I'll have both :)



  1. What a great place to be! I love French crepes! I have them everytime I visit France. But ice cream is delicious too, so I'd have to have both!

  2. Ooh..crepes. There was this crepe place with all 3 walls full of shelves from top to bottom with Nutella.:)