Art Feature: Kathy Banayat Robinson

How's your week going?  I am pleased and  happy to feature our artist lady of the week.  Kathy Banayat Robinson, photographer and founder of Banayat Photography.  

I have known Kathy, along with her talents and creativity since Architecture days in college.  She is a ray of sunshine! With her vibrant personality and gift of humor, I can imagine her bringing out the best in her models, even putting the ones afraid of the camera at ease. 

What inspired you to pursue photography?

My children inspired me to learn the depth of photography.  I brought both of my kids to studios every month for two (2) years. I paid ridiculous amount of money which my husband was not fond of. So I practiced taking the shots myself until my hands were shaking, haha.   I enjoy researching, so I went online soaking myself with info from blogs, manuals, seminars, workshops, and etc.

Your favorite subject to shoot?

Babies, children, teenagers- mostly high school seniors.  Newborn as well.  We specialize in children and family photography.

What motivated you to take the leap?

Once I got a good understanding of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and composition, my brother and I opened the business.  Family and friends are my biggest critique  which helped us a lot.  My brother is very good in the gadgets department with all the accessories out there. He knows each and every purpose of most equipment in the store and I am a props-aholic. Together, we create great composition.

How did you feel about the change, setting up the business and going for what you wanted to do?

We started slowly, so we barely felt the change.  We acquired accessories, soft box and props for personal use for fun.  Our gadgets grew very slowly until we realized we have a complete working home studio.  Friends and family saw our work and kept telling us to start charging.  That's one reason, we opened our business, but legally, setting up the business is a whole other story.  County taxes, federal taxes, sales tax calculation, business registration, name registration are a few things.  Basic knowledge is necessary. It's not my favorite.  When you are set, you are good to go.

If someone out there wants to pursue photography, my advice is -  practice practice practice.  Learn your SLR inside out, read the manual all the way to the end. Yup, until last page.  Attend seminars and workshop, then practice again.  Always use your camera in manual mode.

For information and rates:
Contact:                 Kathy Robinson and Mark Banayat
Company Address: 609 N Walnut St,  Itasca, IL 60143
Tel:                         847-293-0021 - Kathy
Tel:                         630-4005189 - Mark

Banayat Photography offers photo sessions anywhere in the Northwest suburbs/ Chicagoland area and Rockford Area. They also have a home studio located in Itasca, Illinois.
Newborn, Children, Family and Wedding celebration is their passion. They'll capture every moment of your special day, taking plenty of pictures to guarantee they have the best shot. Your satisfaction is important to them as they take pride of their skills. Their goal is to make their clients enjoy the experience and be happy with their affordable products and service.

For more stunning images and updates, please feel free to visit their Facebook Page

Photo Credits :Banayat Photography   



  1. Another talented lady.

    I'm always inspired to see someone devoted to her craft.

  2. I'm always on the look out for photographers, too bad I'm so far away. Her photos are beautiful, I love the natural softness of them but there's still a crisp to them that's refreshing.

  3. I admire her dedication, the way she shoots her photos. Not to mention how she managed to read the SLR manual --that's something I've always wanted to do but never gotten around to doing. :)

    Same here , I wish she lives close by too. :)