Take Me Home

A romantic comedy about a road less traveled. I just finished watching this film. An illegal taxi cab driver in New York, Thom is hired by a heartbroken woman named Claire to drive all the way to California, in order to see her estranged father who had suffered a heart attack.

The scenery and images you will see in this film are breathtaking. Watch it for yourself. Quirky and snappy dialogue with a good soundtrack.

Sometimes, when we least expect it, love and adventure find us.
Happy Wednesday!



  1. It is so hard to find a good movie these days. I'm adding this one to my list.

  2. I completely agree. It's so hard to find good ones. The last film that I saw before this that I really liked was "Once".
    I was disappointed by The Hunger Games film. After having read the book, there was something missing in the film that I couldn't explain.
    I know they tried and the casting was great but the scenes were all squeezed and compressed to fit the movie time.