A Garden Wedding

Wedding ideas for the bride to be.  It's summer and it's perfect for a garden wedding in the countryside. I happen to come across this beautiful article from Maison & Deco . 

One of the things I love about this garden wedding style is it's laid back.  Rustic. Great for DIY too.  I can imagine guests tranquilly enjoying the small feast.   White stood out from the greens. White plates and macaron tray.  White wedding cake against and white linen. Beige and cream lanterns softened the metal work.

Photo credit:  Cristophe Rouffio

The metallic trellis created a floral canopy that just turned an already pretty garden into something magical. 
A perfect setting for an intimate affair and a marriage between friends.

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Have a wonderful week ender!



  1. Yeah, white is the best color to use in a garden wedding. Though dark colors would’ve stood too, they wouldn’t have had that same effect of tranquility. This particular setting reminds of the Garden of Eve, or the setting where the Greek Gods spent a passive morning. :D