Art Feature: eLei

For years, I have always been fascinated by strong women who has pursued their life's calling. Despite the unknown future, they have harnessed their creativity and eventually took the leap of faith in pursuing their dream.

It is a great privilege to feature our artist of the week,  Elei Joves, the graphic designer and creator of ELEI .  

-What inspired you to pursue a business in graphic design and printing? 

When I was a little kid, I used to collect adorable stationery, scented erasers and assorted pens every time I was out shopping with my parents.  I would keep them in a small tin can and every afternoon I'd play with my neighbor and exchange pretty things.  We would open our tin cans, look at each other's stuff, and  discuss what we would like to have.  We eventually exchanged a couple of sheets of stationery pad and give away fun little items as keepsakes of our friendship.  I started collecting Sanrio stuff too preferably Kerokerokeroppi (it was the little cutie frog). I'd never fail to buy something at Greenhills even if it was just a small sticker.  I collected them until college then started to bequeath them to my little niece as I think it will be useful for her at her age.

My parents used to manage a business in printing back home and I remember when I was in my younger years I would help in collating papers, folding brochures, typesetting/designing business cards, letterheads, newsletters and programs.  This was my real first exposure  to paper and design.  When I was in college, I proposed a community newsletter that was issued once a month as part of my thesis. The "Sangguniang Kabataan" (or better known as Youth Council) in our neighborhood helped the youth voice out their concerns to the officers as far as the improvements and happenings in the community.

My love for graphic design began after college- having received my communication arts degree, I worked for a television network in 2000.  In that job, I did a lot of learning and training in the field of broadcast design.  I was also featured in a book by a classmate of mine in college - ''Survival: Your Guide to Life" where I shared my life story.  This helped to unleash my inner survivor in sharing few of my thoughts about life and work.

-What motivated you to take the leap?

I then decided to work overseas at a custom print shop and stationery store in 2006 where I found my true artistic passion.  Since then I have been creating unique designs using many of the printing methods available. I used my creative skills where there are special occasions like birthdays, baby showers, baptismal, wedding ceremonies celebrated by friends and family and gave them small gifts such as invitations and other paper goods. 

- How did you feel about the change, setting up the business,  and finally going for what you wanted to do?

Not only do I have extensive knowledge in the creative and conceptual part of the design process, I have a vast knowledge of production experience and pre-press. being a passionate observer of stationery trends, my love for stylish designs and appreciation in the beauty of art - I decided to come up with my own brand and at the same time be remembered through my designs and by using the name my friends, family, and people call me.  

ELEI offers custom stationery and paper goods (party invitations, custom notepads, custom greeting cards, business designs and other collateral materials). ELEI is committed to high quality and affordable design solutions that will craft your business at a very affordable and reasonable rate that will help you celebrate the most important events in your life using your style. eLei has a more personal approach in service that you cannot find in bulk websites. 

- Contact details and location.
Location:  Austin, Texas
Tel: 818.731.5525

Please feel free to visit the eLei  facebook page for more designs and details.  

Images by: ELEI  & book photos via F*ART Fashion Art



  1. What a great lady to feature Arni! I love these prints, so colorful and fun.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I'm following you too now and am looking forward to reading more of your posts :) xoxox

  2. I am always inspired by learning how others found their way toward their dreams, which is often not a direct route.

    And hearing other people feel passionately for their work is always contagious.

  3. Thanks Vanisha for visiting. :) I admire graphic designers. Before, I thought creating fonts and layout was easy but I realized it wasn't at all.
    I'm so delighted to have Elei's stunning designs featured.

    Thanks Tina, it is contagious indeed. Their drive and motivation to succeed are so inspiring.

  4. Thank you so much lovelies! I will continue to perfect my craft and get better everyday. Whatever you guys are up to - have a wonderful week! Cheers!:)