Office Sitting Area

Been suffering from a dose of procrastination for the final touches of the corporate office design & construction I was working on for months now.  Everyone has moved into their new office spaces and I'm out purchasing accessories and styling pieces for the public areas (area rugs, coffee tables and etc.)  The style is  modern as you can see and it feels surreal to actually walk through a space that was just a sketched image in my head.

One of the challenges we face is having to import most of the stuff all the time and this would require a lead time of minimum 8 weeks before delivery.  I'm happy and pleased to have purchased this rug for the reception area that is on stock!  The Ora Ito Parquet Rug from  Stepevi

I'm selecting the colour: Bleu. Ora Ito is a collection of carpets created for STEPEVI decorated with lines and reliefs and playful linear units.  It recreates the parquet look of a wooden flooring.  It comes at  a standard size of 240cm length x 170cm width.  You can put the colors together which I personally think would be brilliant in a long corridor.   This would be to add color to the grey, silver and white scheme in the public areas. 

Still need a coffee table, plants, floor lamp (to replace the one in the picture), ottomans, lounge chair.. I better get back to work. 

Have an awesome day!



  1. Very cool! Color me impressed. You are a talent. And that rug will be stunning.

  2. Thanks so much Tina. It really means a lot to hear that after all the anxiety and stress leading up to the coming inauguration. :)