Food + Dreamy Kitchens

As we are all going to be extremely preoccupied in the kitchen tomorrow for the New Year feast preparations, well, I thought of creating an inspiration board of dreamy kitchens and the food I'd love to associate preparing in each of them. During the last few years of half domesticated life abroad, I'm doing the cooking myself. I love throwing dinner parties. With the limited period we have before our guests arrive, it is always a big help to have an organized kitchen. The whole relaxed vibe would definitely be absorbed by the food.
Mt. Baker traditional kitchen
Mt. Baker traditional kitchen

Food in this Kitchen: A spinach omelette with a mug of brewed coffee
I always adore windows overlooking the garden from the kitchen and the light that flows through the space.
Sugar Bowl Residence modern kitchen
Food in this Kitchen: Tagliatelle Carbonara

Wm. F. Holland/Architect/projects traditional kitchen
Food in this Kitchen: Pot Roast and Creme Brulee for dessert

The skylight is simply marvelous in this kitchen and I love the rafters.
Lamp In A Kitchen- Ideas to Update the Kitchen - House Beautiful traditional kitchen
Food in this Kitchen: Pad Thai and Penang CurryFor some reason, that's the taste I get from my palate looking at this photo.
dining room contemporary kitchen
Food in this Kitchen: Seafood Paella with Spanish White Wine

The warm tones of wall color, wood finish and slate of the kitchen below. I love the way the black appliances were matched against the wood tone. The intimacy of the breakfast nook next to the fireplace is very homely.
Beaugureau Studios contemporary kitchen
Food in this Kitchen: Ribeye Steak with Mashed Potatoes
& Gravy + Red Wine

I'm getting really carried away with this and I have to stop now as there are a lot of incredibly gorgeous kitchens out there by such talented designers.
I'm going to work on some last minute reports from home for a while despite my being on vacation. Hopefully, after 6 months of desperate search of dining chairs and table, I'd be able to find some on stock . Sadly, none of the affordable range of furniture shops of my preference here are even willing to place the order and are unsure when they would even make the next purchase. The custom furniture here are incredibly expensive so I might as well go for a signature piece instead, but then again being an expat, we would want these original pieces in our permanent home , right?
All these thoughts of kitchen and food, Bon Appetit!

Images via: Houzz